Pricing and Plans

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The Free Plan


a month
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About 500

The Small Plan


a month
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About 15,000

The Medium Plan


a month
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About 75,000

The Large Plan


a month
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About 375,000
Need More? Custom Plans available.

Pages/Day estimated as using 2 seconds + 50KB per page.     All requests are billed at $0.15/Hour + $0.25/GB Egress(about $0.000095/page)     Prices in USD.


Static IP

Some organizations require whitelisting IP addresses to access their sites. For $0.25/GB Data Ingress, all your requests will be sent from a single, Static IP address ((

Add "proxy":"geo-us" to your requests to use this feature. To see how much cost is added to your request, inspect the pjsc-billing-proxy-ingress-cost Response Header sent in reply to your API call.
Example | Learn More

Random IP + Geolocation

For geo-varying website content or testing QoS, you can use a random IP Address from a global pool, or pick a specific country. Costs $0.50/GB Data Ingress.

Add "proxy":"anon-any" to your requests to use the global pool, or pick from one of these country locations. To see how much cost is added to your request, inspect the pjsc-billing-proxy-ingress-cost Response Header sent in reply to your API call.
Global Example | Netherlands Example | Learn More

Prepaid Credit

For $20 in Prepaid Credit, you can process about 209,970 pages. Perfect for "burst" needs or other demand spikes.

If you have a sudden need to process a lot of pages, buying Prepaid Credit offers the greatest flexibility. Keep in mind though, A Subscription offers the best price if your usage can be spread out through the month.
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Private Cloud + SLA

For enterprise customers running their mission critical Line-Of-Business applications with PhantomJsCloud.

Our Private Cloud offers Compliance (eg: PCI DSS), with guaranteed performance and reliability. Included is a SLA (99.95% Uptime) and the Private Cloud is geo-located for you.
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Pricing and Billing FAQ

How are "Pages/Day" calculated?
What is "Daily Subscription Credit"?

Each page you request takes CPU Time to process (Browser Time), and transmits the results back to you (Data Out). We estimate the average page request to consume 2 seconds of Browser Time and 50KB Data Out.

If your page requests take more Browser Time or Data Out, you will obtain fewer than the estimated Pages/Day. Conversely if your page requests takes less time/data, you will obtain more Pages/Day.

What if I exceed my Daily Subscription Credit?

Browser Time (Processing time) is billed at $0.15/Hour, and Data Out (Egress) is $0.25/GB. You are not billed for Data Ingress (data downloaded to our service) unless using built-in proxies. For more information on proxy cost and use, click here.

You may also purchase Prepaid Credit, which will be used if you exceed your Daily Subscription Credit. This provides a buffer in case you occasionally exceed your Subscription level but do not wish to upgrade your Subscription.

You can purchase more Prepaid Credit in increments of $20 (approx 209,970 Pages), and they never expire.

What if I have questions? Can I contact Support?

Standard Support: Please email, we'll respond within 1 Business Day. Feel free to ask any question about our service or a problem you are facing, and we'll do our best to help out.

Premium Support offers a 1 hour response time and immediate work priority. See Enterprise Features Page for more details.

Do you offer a SLA?

If you need Enterprise-grade features like a Private Cloud + SLA or a Premium Support Plan, please see our Enterprise Features Page.

You can view our uptime report here:(100% uptime since Oct 2015)
Can I get a VAT Invoice?

Log In to the Dashboard and click the Manage Invoices link to view and customize your invoice.

For a previous month invoice (historical record), go to the Manage Invoices page and then hover your mouse over the month shown in the "Prior Month Invoice" section. You will then see controls for changing the month. Click "Click to view" to then see that historical invoice.

How can I view my remaining Credit Balance?
  • Dashboard: Login to
  • Output as JSON: Set the OutputAsJson=true parameter then view the contents of the resulting userResponse.meta.billing node for billing and balance details.
  • Response Headers: We automatically set the pjsc-billing-credit-cost Response Header which provides details on the cost of the page being returned. The pjsc-billing-daily-subscription-credits-remaining and pjsc-billing-prepaid-credits-remaining Response Headers informs on remaining Credit Balance.
Isn't this service free, even if I don't sign up?

If you are using the a-demo-key-with-low-quota-per-ip-address ApiKey, you are limited to 100 Pages/Day. If you exceed this creditBalance, you will get a HTTP Response Status 402 (Payment Required).

Sign up for a Free Account and get 500 Pages/Day.

Additionally, we blacklist domains used by people abusing our free tier, so best to be honest or your usage will suffer.

Can I upgrade or cancel?

You can upgrade your paid subscription at any time, and your Daily Subscription will immediately be adjusted.

If you cancel your subscription, you'll be switched to the free plan at the end of the current billing period.

How can I pay?

Our Payment Processor is Stripe, which allows secure payment via Credit Card. Bank Transfer and PayPal is available for Prepaid Credit or long-term contracts. If you are interested, please email

Can I resell your services?

Do whatever you want, as long as it's legal in your and the target's location, and you do not violate the target's ToS. Read our ToS for additional fine print.