Enterprise Features

Flexible and Customizable options to suit your organization's needs.

If your organization takes a critical line-of-business dependency on PhantomJSCloud, these Enterprise Features provide you with additional reliability, security, and support guarantees.

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Enterprise Features and Pricing

Private Cloud

Using a Private Cloud provides the following features and benefits over the Public Cloud used by most PhantomJsCloud users:

  • Version Lock. PhantomJsCloud has very high reliability, but we periodically upgrade our systems to add new functionality. This can sometimes cause small changes in rendering and functionality. Thus using the Public Cloud, your results may change slightly over time. Using Private Cloud gives you the option to defer upgrades if you wish. This means you can verify that the latest Public Cloud version meets your functional requirements before upgrading your Private Cloud.
  • Improved Security. The Public Cloud executes the requests from multiple users on the same backend servers (Multi-Tenant). We adhere to strong security practices (Least Privilege, Security Patching, etc) but there is a small risk that a malicious user could discover a zero-day exploit in the software we use and thus read or modify the output of your requests. Using Private Cloud ensures that the your requests are totally isolated (separate servers, Single-Tenant) from other users and thus protected from this risk.
  • Quality of Service (QoS). The Public Cloud automatically scales (increases servers) based on demand, but sudden spikes in demand could flood the Public Cloud with a burst of requests. Using the Public Cloud at the same moment could delay your requests, causing high latency spikes of several seconds. Using Private Cloud means your usage is never disrupted by spikes in public usage, while still gaining the benefit of on-demand scaling.
  • SLA Your Private Cloud is backed by a SLA guaranteeing a 99.95% Uptime service commitment. Please see our SLA document for details.
  • Geographically Located Picking a region near your target servers will ensure high performance for your requests. The Public Cloud is located in the USA. Your Private Cloud can be located in one of the following locations:
    • Americas
      • USA
      • Canada
      • Brazil
    • Europe
      • UK
      • Belgium
      • Netherlands
      • Germany
      • Finland
    • Asia Pacific
      • India
      • Singapore
      • China (HK)
      • Taiwan
      • Japan
      • Australia
  • Automatic Fail-over If your chosen datacenter goes down for any reason, your requests will automatically be redirected to a fail-over datacenter, further ensuring high availability.


$600 per month per selected Geographic Location, plus normal usage costs (Subscription / Prepaid Credits).
Contact Support@PhantomJsCloud.com to subscribe.


Requires Private Cloud Subscription

We have experience building ISO 27000 family certified processes. We are willing to make whatever technical or process modifications are required to comply with your certifications or standards (such as PCI DSS)


Based on compliance requirements.

Overprovisioning (Hot Instances)

Requires Private Cloud Subscription

If you send a burst of requests and flood your Private Cloud, you will receive 429: Too many requests errors. By default each Private Cloud location comes with 18 slots when idle, and slots automatically scale based on your usage (more servers are brought online as your usage increases). If your usage profile requires sending requests in large bursts, you may benefit from Overprovisioning. IE: More servers (and slots) available when at idle. This provides extra servers in reserve to handle your burst requests.

Please keep in mind, even for the public cloud, there is no fixed limit on simultaneous requests.  The number of simultaneous requests allowed depends on how many servers our backend systems has launched to process requests, and that number increases or decreases based on load (how many current requests). The private cloud can help you by allowing more "burst" requests, however if you can design your system to gradually increase parallel requests. For example +1 parallel per minute, the normal public cloud will work fine, and can scale up to at least 200 simultaneous requests. When you are using the public cloud some other users may already "warmed up" the service, and so there may be a hundred servers ready to server your requests.    Other times with less traffic there may only be 20.  This is why you may see differences in the number of simultaneous requests you are able to start with.    But regardless, if you slowly but steadily increase the number of simultaneous requests, our service will also scale the number of available servers.


$60 per month per bundle of 6 additional reserve slots.

Premium Support Plan

All users can expect to receive free, high quality support by emailing Support@PhantomJsCloud.com and expect a reply within 24 hours. Adding a Premium Support Plan provides these additional features and benefits:

  • Urgent Support Requests (24/7). To support your Mission Critical Support needs, we will respond to your request within 1 hour. You will gain priority access to a PhantomJsCloud expert who will help in resolving your issue as their highest priority, including making code changes required for your use-case.
  • Priority Feature Requests. If you require a feature to be implemented, let us know and we will put your feature as our highest priority work item. Please keep in mind we must still determine that your feature is in-scope for PhantomJsCloud's roadmap, but we will make our best effort to fulfill your requirement.
  • Includes 20 hours/month custom consultation/development work. Let us work for you! If you need help integrating PhantomJsCloud, troubleshooting, or need a new feature.
    • Project Correspondences: in either English or Thai. (Technical team is English only)
    • Development: any programming language (Javascript or C# preferred)
    • Additional hours: Additional consultation beyond the included 20/mth can be had at USD$80/hr.

$800 per month.
Contact Support@PhantomJsCloud.com to subscribe.