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To use our automatic proxy solution set to {auto:"random"}

Alternatively, you may use your own custom proxy server by setting the custom parameter.

//request JSON:  geolocate to the USA using a static IP address ($0.25/gb ingress)
//request JSON:  use an anonymous IP address from somewhere in the world ($0.50/gb ingress)
//request JSON:  use an anonymous IP address from Germany ($0.50/gb ingress)
//request JSON:  /use a custom proxy (no extra charge)


  • IProxyOptions



Optional builtin

builtin: { location: string; type?: "dc" }

use an anonymizing proxy builtin to our service. Each API call you make will use a different IP address choosen from our proxy pool.

Additional Cost: using a builtin anonymizing proxy costs more, depending on type. See builtin.type for details.

Type declaration

  • location: string

    The country you want your requests to come from.

    Choose any for the largest selection of IP addresses from anywhere in the world. Other choices include cn (China), de (Germany), us (USA). Please see http://phantomjscloud.com/examples/helpers/proxy-builtin-locations for a complete list.

  • Optional type?: "dc"

    choose the type of builtin proxy to use

    • dc The Default. Uses Datacenter IP addresses. Costs an additional $0.50/gb for data ingress
    • No other builtin proxy types are currently available. If you are interested in residential proxies please contact support@phantomjscloud.com

Optional custom

allows you to use a custom proxy server. if you set this, a built-in proxy will not be used (no additional cost) but processing speed may be restricted due to your custom proxy's available bandwidth.

Optional geolocation

geolocation: "us"

Forces your requests to be sent from a specific geographic location and fixed geoIP address at that location. For the IP address used for each geolocation, please view this link: http://phantomjscloud.com/examples/helpers/proxy-fixed-ips

Can be used in conjunction with a IProxyOptions.custom proxy, meaning that your custom proxy will see requests comming from this geoIP.

This is useful if you need to either use a fixed IP address for whitelist purposes.

Please do not rely only on a fixed IP address for authentication, as it is shared by other users. Use a secure URL or header for private information.

Additional Cost: choosing a geolocation costs an additional $0.25/gb for data ingress.

Note: geoIP may (rarely) change: very occasionally the geoIP for a given geolocation may change, such as if we make infrastructure changes. Please refer to http://phantomjscloud.com/examples/helpers/proxy-fixed-ips for geoIP updates.

Need another location? email support@phantomjscloud.com and let us know. More choices will come later.