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Options to allow choosing what Frame to execute your function on. allows choosing a specific frame (main frame, or a child IFrame). defaults to searching all frames, stopping at the first successful execution.


  • FrameExecOptions




Optional execTill

execTill: "oneSuccess" | "tryAll"

We loop through frames (starting with main frame) until there is a successful match. You can then decide to stop, or continue through all frames.

oneSuccess: stop at the first frame that successfully executes.

tryAll: try execution on all frames selected

optional. default is "oneSuccess"

Optional selectFrame

selectFrame: string

Passing a string will only select (process) the frame with the matching guid. You can determine the frame guid by querying page.mainFrame() and looking through the hiearchy.

You may also pass the special strings instead of a guid:

  • "main": to only select the page's main frame.
  • "all": to select all frames of the page.

Default is "all"