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see IRenderSettings.pngOptions. optional png quality options passed to PngQuant. you must set pngOptions.optimize=true to enable these, otherwise the original non-modified png is returned.


  • IPngOptions



Optional colors

colors: number

2 to 256. default 256.

Optional noDither

noDither: boolean

default false. true to disable dithering

Optional optimize

optimize: boolean

default false, which is to return the original png. if you pass true, we will optimize the png using PngQuant. smaller file size but takes longer to process

Optional qualityMax

qualityMax: number

1 to 100. default 80. Instructs pngquant to use the least amount of colors required to meet or exceed the max quality.

Optional qualityMin

qualityMin: number

default 0. If conversion results in quality below the min quality the image won't be compressed

Optional speed

speed: number

default 8. (very fast). value can rage between 1 (slow) and 11 (fast and rough)